CGJpRinrin_SLC (SLC)
Chinese beauty in SLC  Resale!
Chinese beauty in SLC
Photos taken in China.
You can feel the ambience of China, such as parks, Kentucky, taxis, apartment rooms, and street vendors in the back alleys. The model is a beautiful, fashionable and attractive lady.
Pictures \1000 (181pics)
CGJpRinrin_LAC (LAC)
Chinese beauty in LAC  Resale!
Chinese beauty in LAC
Photos taken in China.
She cooks and does the laundry with her crippled arms, and spends her time in the living room. If you can live with such a wife, you will be happy.
Pictures \550 (140pics)
CLL017 (SLC)
Konoe’s Real Short Leg Cast
Konoe’s Real Short Leg Cast
Her leg was broken in a car accident. Her leg was put in a cast at the hospital.
The cast that has been worn for more than two weeks has turned a little yellow, and there is a space around the calf. Please enjoy real SLC of sexy women.
Pictures \2500 (201pics)
CLL016 (LAC)
Long term LAC
Long term LAC
Art model Ms.Kaolin"s arm cast.
The cast has been worn for over a week in the rainy season.
The inside of the cast is damp and smells.
After attending the exhibition in Galerie, she took a walk through the old shopping street. And she talks about the difficulties, itching and odors of her cast life.
Movie \4200 (53min)
CLL014-1 (WLAC)
Japanese Bondage in DLAC
Japanese Bondage in DLAC
You can see the Japanese bondage with double Long Arm Cast.She in DLAC was tied up with hemp rope.
Her arms are in a cast and her eyes are bandaged. And then she was tied up her legs. She got sexual gratification though the bondage and casts.
Movie \5300 (39min)
Pictures \1000 (66pics)
CLL014-2 (LAC)
Long Aeg Cast in Hot Summer
Long Aeg Cast in Hot Summer
One summer evening she in LAC went out. She did some shopping at the supermarket and ate ice cream at the park with her friend. She doesn"t show her face, but she"s a beautiful woman.
Movie \1300 (17min)
Pictures \450 (71pics)
CLL013-1 (WLLC)
Japanese Bondage in DLLC
Japanese Bondage in DLLC
You can see the Japanese bondage with double Long leg cast.She in DLLC was tied up with hemp rope.
First She was waited on her hand and foot. And then she was tied up her hands and body. She got sexual gratification though the bondage and casts.
Movie \5300 (50min)
Pictures \900 (71pics)
CLL013-2 (LLC)
Long Leg Cast in Hot Summer
Long Leg Cast in Hot Summer
On a hot summer day I ran into a casted lady at a station and followed her.
She walked on crutches to a grocery store and brought some meals. And then she started walking. She seemed hard on walking on crutches on an extremely hot day. You can see the reality life of a broken leg lady.
Movie \2000 (21min)
Pictures \950 (171pics)
CLL012Choco_LLC (LLC)
Tokyo leg cast
Tokyo leg cast
On a very hot summer day, she in LLC visited Meiji Jingu shrine. Meiji Jingu shrine is famous for places with spiritual energy. She went to there to drive off bad luck.
Then she took a walk in Shibuya, Tokyo. She was dead tired to walk a long distance with crutches in the hot weather.
Movie \4700 (54min)
Pictures \950 (115pics)
CLL011 (LAC)
Pretty girl in LAC
Pretty girl in LAC
The pretty girl in long arm cast had a chat with a friend at McDonald’s. After that she went home and relaxed.
Walk around Tokyo Shibuya-town , talking about the cast, wearing school uniforms and pajamas and more are included in this movie.
Movie \4500 (48min)
Pictures \? (?pics)
Coming Soon!
CLL010 (LLC)
Harassment for casted assistant
Harassment for casted assistant
A cast woman stole boss’s husband.
She endures harassment from the boss, until the boss approves to divorce with her husband.
On this day, she was called, and she is harassed by the boss.
Please enjoy her long leg cast and the quiet battle of women.
Movie \4700 (50min)
Pictures \1200 (244pics)
CLL009 (BC)
Body cast in Shibuya-city Tokyo
Body cast in Shibuya-city Tokyo
A beautiful woman with a crack in her thoracic spine is being treated at home. She spends most of her day on the bed or on the sofa.
On this day she goes for a walk with her friends. She takes off her jacket over the body cast and she makes the cast look flickering. The mischievous smile at that time is worth a look.
Enjoy a rare cast.
Movie \3100 (18min)
Pictures \950 (72pics)
CLL008-1 (LAC)
Business partner in LAC
Business partner in LAC
My client broke her arm.
We talked about her injury during the business meeting. After that, we went out for dinner together and then went to karaoke.
She talked about the cast in detail. And she showed her cast and let me touch it. You will be excited if you come across such a situation.
*Hiding face
Movie \4300 (61min)
Pictures \800 (82pics)
CLL008-2 (LAC)
Leg & Cast Fetish
Leg & Cast Fetish
Long arm cast and beautiful legs.
*Hiding face
Movie \900 (8min)
Girls day out in DLAC
Girls day out in DLAC
She in double LAC got on a train alone to meet her friend. After they took a walk around Ameyoko-area in Ueno town, they went to eat lunch at sushi bar. You can enjoy her disabled state and girls talk.
Movie \4700 (59min)
Pictures \950 (176pics)
CLL006 (LLC)
SAMURAI LLC in Kyoto Japan
SAMURAI LLC in Kyoto Japan
One day of active lady in LLC.
She met with her friend at the temple in Kyoto. They went to shopping and café. And then she went to SAMURAI experience. At SAMURAI juku she experienced to try out the blade of the Japanese sword. After that she joined drinking party with other friends.
You can enjoy Japanese traditional culture and that she suffered crutching the very long distance in the movie.
Movie \4300 (49min)
CLL005-1 (LLC)
Long Leg Cast Girl in Asakusa
Long Leg Cast Girl in Asakusa
She is a castfetish. She finally realized her long-awaited dream! She experienced long leg cast.
Asakusa is famous tourist attraction as you know. She walked in Asakusa in the crowd.And then she talked about her castfetish at a pub.
A picture at the pub is fixing. Please enjoy conversation.
Movie \4000 (35min)
Pictures \500 (30pics)
CLL005-2 (LLC)
Cute Girl in LLC
Cute Girl in LLC
Cute girl in LLC shows a dance, sexy posing and Japanese traditional exercise.
*Hiding face *No conversation
Movie \2300 (22min)
Pictures \900 (76pics)
CLL005-3 (LLC)
Sexy Long Leg Cast
Sexy Long Leg Cast
Sexy girl in LLC shows a dance and sexy posing.
*Hiding face *No conversation
Movie \1000 (7min)
Pictures \700 (68pics)
CLL004 (SLC)
High School Student in SLWC
High School Student in SLWC
She is a high school student.
She walked in the crowd to meet her friend. After she joined her friend, she went to lunch.
She talked about her cast life, school life, experience of SAC in last summer and etc.
Movie \4700 (43min)
Pictures \1700 (322pics)
Double Long Arm Cast Experience
Double Long Arm Cast Experience
She is a castfetish. She finally realized her long-awaited dream! She experienced a cast.
Applying doubl arm cast, talking about castfetish, visiting to the old hotel and shopping in market are included in this movie.
Movie \4500 (72min)
Pictures \500 (70pics)
CLL002 (LLC)
My Long Leg Cast
My Long Leg Cast
She introduced her LLC life.
She talked about the difficult situation of her cast life,how to take a bath,itch and etc.
She talks in Japanese,so it"s better you could understand Japanese or using translation software.
Movie \3200 (53min)
Pictures \500 (37pics)
CLL001 (LAC)
Call Girl TOKYO in LAC
Call Girl TOKYO in LAC
I found the call girl in LAC!
If you meet her, you can definitely go to heaven.
*Hiding face. *No sex.
Movie \4500 (31min)
Pictures \1100 (247pics)
Rui_Bandage (etc.)
Rui Bandage & Eyepatch
Rui Bandage & Eyepatch
Bandage & Eyepatch.
Pictures \1100 (188pics)
CGJpShizuka_SLC (SLC)
Shizuka SLC  Resale!
Shizuka SLC
Shooting location is at her room, the city and the suburbs.
Costume is Kimono and suit, pajamas, etc.
Pictures \1300 (921pics)
CGJv130Coco_DLAC (LAC)
Long term & Dual LAC  Resale!
Long term & Dual LAC
Her cast is slightly dirty and has a lot of graffiti on it. She goes to Comiket and lunch and visits a shrine in a cast for over a week.
After having a cast on her arms, she drinks coffee, puts on boots, and goes to the bathroom. You can see her crippled. And the appearance of her relaxing on the sofa and bed is also very attractive.
*This is an old video, so the image quality is not good.
Movie \3200 (55min)
Pictures \450 (124pics)
Yuria’s LLC  Resale!
Yuria’s LLC
In summer Yuria in LLC went to the department store and the art gallery. And you can see her relaxed in her home.
*Showing her face on download pictures.
Pictures \800 (145pics)
Yuria’s LAC in Kyoto  Resale!
Yuria’s LAC in Kyoto
Shooting location is at some temples in Kyoto and Family restaurant, her room, motel, convenience store, car, etc.
Costume is dress and sailor school uniform, lingerie, pajamas, etc.
Pictures \1500 (373pics)
Yuria’s short trip in LAC  Resale!
Yuria’s short trip in LAC
In summer Yuria went on a short trip in Kyoto. She stayed at a traditional Japanese inn.
The scenes are eating a meal, taking Japanese style bath, on Japanese style bed, makeup, change clothes, breakfast, and more. And there are some pictures at her home.
*Showing her face on download pictures.
Pictures \1800 (318pics)
Yuria’s SLC in Kyoto  Resale!
Yuria’s SLC in Kyoto
Semi nude at love motel. / In cast shoe at famous temple. / Crutching to go to convenience store in summer dress.
*Showing her face on download pictures.
Pictures \900 (184pics)
CGJv175 (LLC)
Jane’s LLC  Resale!
Jane’s LLC
It contains scenes of riding the bullet train and spending time at a hotel with a long leg cast.
You can enjoy the LLC of tall and beautiful women.
Movie \2700 (37min)
Pictures \850 (159pics)
Jane SLC  Resale!
Jane SLC
A day in the life with short leg cast.
Photos taken in the library, convenience store, and her room.
Pictures \550 (174pics)
Rui’s LAC 2 in Kobe  Resale!
Rui’s LAC 2 in Kobe
Rui is very cute and beautiful young lady. She is in dress, thigh high stockings and long arm cast.
The shooting location is famous and beautiful places in KOBE Japan.
Pictures \900 (187pics)
CGJv200 (SLC)
Rui’s SLC & SLWC  Resale!
Rui’s SLC & SLWC
Rui is very cute young lady. She walks in the airport.Next she shows some posing on the bed. Next morning after she wakes up, she drinks coffee in bed. Then she shows off batting at batting cage, and goes hiking.
The photo set contains many nice pictures. Please check it.
Movie \2900 (52min)
Pictures \1300 (383pics)
CGJv192 (SLC)
Rui’s SLC in Tokyo  Resale!
Rui’s SLC in Tokyo
Rui is a cute and beautiful yang lady. The scenes are some poses on the bed and walking on crutches around Shinjyuku TOKYO.
Costume are sailor school uniform and dress, coat, black pantyhose, barefoot, loafers, boots.
Movie \2600 (36min)
Pictures \900 (236pics)
CGJpKazuha_SLC (SLC)
Kazuha’s SLC  Resale!
Kazuha’s SLC
The costume is cosplay of Santa Claus and loungewear. She makes some poses and take a bath.
Please check her sexy pictures!
Pictures \500 (67pics)
CGJpKazuha_SLC2 (SLC)
Cast for achilles tendon rupture  Resale!
Cast for achilles tendon rupture
Asian beauty in SLC or achilles tendon rupture.
* Showing her face on download pictures.
Pictures \750 (155pics)
CGJpKazuha_BC (BC)
Kazuha’s Body Cast  Resale!
Kazuha’s Body Cast
Body cast on Kazuha’s glamour body!
Please check her sexy pictures!!
Pictures \700 (108pics)
Young lady in LLC  Resale!
Young lady in LLC
We recommend her pictures.
She makes some poses in the motel. Costume are casual dress and school uniform, men’s business shirt, camisole.
Her vibe feels quite different, depends on her costume. So you can enjoy a variety of her charm.
Pictures \1500 (368pics)
Another man’s wife in LLC  Resale!
Another man’s wife in LLC
A young and beautiful married woman in LLC.
She took a walk in the streets of Tokyo with her family and was photographed indoors.
*Hiding face
Pictures \1300 (315pics)
CGJv259 (LAC)
Long Term LAC  Resale!
Long Term LAC
She broken her arm. She is wearing long arm cast for two weeks.
She talks about the difficult situation of her cast life, how to change her clothes, take a bath, open the plastic bottle, and etc.
*Hiding face
Movie \2600 (48min)
CGJpChisato_SLC (SLC)
Asian beauty in SLC  Resale!
Asian beauty in SLC
This is an SLC photo of a beautiful and cool woman.
The shooting location is at home, at a shrine, at a convenience store, or inside a hotel. Costumes include plain clothes and men"s shirts.
Pictures \950 (194pics)
CGJpDeriko_SLC (SLC)
Deriko SLC  Resale!
Deriko SLC
The pink cast is unusual in Japan.
It’s taken at a hotel and on the street in Shinjuku JAPAN. She looks so beautiful in SLC.
Pictures \1100 (266pics)